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Eat Well, Exercise Well, Live Well

A healthy diet and regular exercise slows aging and reduces the risk of many diseases. Don't go it alone. Learn more at Oasis Physical Therapy.

Free Initial Consultations

What hurts? If you are not sure if physical therapy can help, schedule a free consultation. A PT will evaluate your condition and make recommendations.

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Choose Oasis Physical Therapy Services for your recovery in Pasco, Richland, or now in Kennewick, Washington.

Manual physical therapy in Richland.

The right physical therapy team can make all the difference between fast pain relief and a speedy recovery, or a frustrating experience. Many people don't realize that THEY can choose where to get physical therapy treatment, and that they can do so without a prescription.

Not all physical therapy clinics are the same.

While there are industry standards of care for acceptable physical therapy treatment, to Oasis Physical Therapy, they are not enough. At Oasis, our mission is to provide high quality one-on-one patient care in an environment that promotes wellness and improves the lives of those we treat.

We specialize in providing hands-on manual therapy for low back and neck injuries, car accidents, work injuries, sports injuries and just about any other pain that is keeping you from enjoying life. 

Our uparalleled commitment is to make sure you are successful in your rehabilitation and that you "get your life back." This is why so many doctors are referring their patients to us for their physical therapy needs.

Aquatics Circuit Classes

Sign up now for therapeutic circuit exercises in a warm, safe, buoyant environment. Perfect for those suffering from joint pain or stiffness. 

Our therapy pool features:

  • Warm temperatures – generally
  • 92-93°F – suitable for a variety of non-aerobic, reduced stress activities
  • A continuous depth of 4½ feet, and a small 7-foot-deep chamber for un-weighted exercises
  • Easy access to the pool interior; assistance to enter/leave the pool as needed, and a mechanical lift for non-ambulatory patients
  • An aquatic treadmill and “Endless Current” for dynamic and resisted exercise

Classes meet twice each week during the month. We are next month's sessions in both our Pasco and Kennewick locations. Call now to reserve your spot:

  • Pasco: (509) 545-1010
  • Kennewick: (509) 572-3836